Red Light Therapy


Discover the incredible healing power of Red Light!

Red Light penetrates tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm rebuilding collagen, elastin & fiber. Red Light contains no UVA or UVB. The use of red light therapy is completely safe and delivers energy to the body that stimulates the healing process. Some of the benefits of Red Light Therapy are:

  • Enhance Your Natural Beauty
  • Dramatically reduces wrinkles &fine lines
  • Lightens age spots & under-eye circles
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • Reduces pore size
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Greatly reduces scarring
  • Makes your skin look & feel younger
  • Firms and tones aged & tired skin
  • Dramatically reduces wrinkles & fine lines
  • Eliminates stretch marks in most clients
  • Helps damaged skin heal up to 200% faster
  • More consistent skin coloration & complexion
  • Increases circulation (due to the increased formation of new capillaries)
  • Promotes collagen production for plumper, more youthful looking skin
  • Increases oxygenation & restoration of skin's natural natural cellular activity
  • Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis & eczema

Red Light Therapy FAQ

What is Red Light?

Red light, known as visible light, contains no UVA or UVB. The use of red light therapy at 633nm, has no significant risk and is completely safe, including on the eyes. Red light penetrates tissue to a depth of 8-10mm, delivering energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.

How does Red Light Therapy Work?

The machine treats your entire body in a relaxing 15

minute session and emits NO UV whatsoever. Using

technology developed by NASA and supported by over

40 years of independent scientific research, it has been

concluded that there are many benefits gained from

exposing the skin to intense red light (photo therapy).

What can I expect from red light therapy treatments?

Treatments using red light will improve skin tone

and texture, control pigmentation spots, help reduce

pore size, encourage vibrant, healthier-looking skin

and reduce fine lines. Anti-aging red light therapy

stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers

within tissue to help keep skin firm. Over time,

improved oxygenation and detoxification is achieved

as the vascular walls of the skin’s small blood cells are

strengthened, followed by improved natural repair and

creation of healthy skin.

How soon will I see results?

Everyone reacts differently, depending on their age

and the condition of their skin. There are a few

immediate changes such as cleaner, brighter and

tighter feeling skin. Longer term therapy results in

improved skin tone and texture, reduced fine lines,

sagging skin, dark circles and puffy eyes, evening out

pigmentation and fading of scaring, wounds and acne.

How often should I get red light therapy?

We strongly recommend 3-4 sessions per week for the

first 12 weeks. Continuous use accelerates cellular

activity and fuels the collagen and elastin process.

After your first 12 weeks, we recommend 1-2 sessions

per week thereafter.

Are red light treatments safe?

Red light therapy is completely safe and contains no

UVA or UVB. Red light penetrates tissue delivering

energy to stimulate a response from the body to

heal itself.

Does red light therapy work equally on all skin types?

Everyone’s skin is different. Some individuals show

dramatic results quickly, while others may show less

visible results over longer periods of exposure.

How long do the results of red light therapy last?

Results depend on the length of treatment and the

original conditions being treated. Skin rejuvenation

is a dynamic process. If maintenance treatments are

discontinued, natural expression lines will gradually

return over the course of time, at which point

retreatment can be put in place.


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